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Duplex Chain Sprocket

From 1/4" pitch to 3" pitch standard chains (06B to 48B) full range of Duplex Sprockets as per ISO/BS/AS/DIN readily available in stock with us. Apart from the standard M.S. material, we also manufacture Stainless Steel Roller Chain Sprockets in all sizes. The stock consists of Double Strand Sprockets from Outer Diameter (O.D.) 2" to 120" in Plate, Single Hub or Double Hub as per customer's specifications. We also provide Induction/Flame hardened teeth Duplex Sprockets. We have customized Flexible Manufacturing therefore, we also make custom made double chain sprocket as per customer's Specifications.




Double Roller Chain Sprockets are widely used in Industrial/ Mechanical Power Transmission and Conveyor



  • Mild Steel Double Simplex Sprockets

  • Stainless Steel (202,304,316)

  • Cast Steel Sprocket Duplex

  • Cast Iron Double Strand Sprocket

  • Duplex Chain Sprocket in EN-8/EN-19/EN-24/EN-31/EN-36


The sprocket must be inspected once a month for wear and if the teeth are worn down or are broken they should be replaced.We offer different types of Duplex/Double Strand Sprockets that are used in varied industrial purposes. The sprockets available with us range from 3.8 inches pitch to 35 inches pitch and in length ranging between one inch to two meters

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