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Chain Coupling

Roller chain coupling manufactured with Jindal Sprocket’s experience and technology to wind a sturdy two-strand roller chains around two sprockets. The body consists of two dedicated sprockets with hardened teeth and two strand roller chains. The sprockets are coupled when the chains are wound around the sprockets, and decoupled with the chains removed. Therefore, transmission power can be coupled or separated without moving the transmission system.


■ Features :


Outstanding Durability

The coupling performs outstanding durability with the torque on the coupling shared with the surfacehardened teeth of the sprockets and the powerful roller chains that engage with the teeth.

Easy Coupling and Decoupling

Both shafts can be easily coupled or decoupled with a single joint pin inserted into or extracted from the roller chains.


Absorption of Large Misalignment

The clearances between the chains and sprockets and between chain components absorb the great positional misalignment of both shafts.


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